Bulldog and Pussycat

>> Saturday, January 12, 2008

By Ajay Pradhan | January 12, 2008

I am a brown Bulldog, with my ugly jowl
She, a cute Pussycat with her feline grace
Our masters were next-door neighbours
Yet, they didn't get along very well

My master put an edict on me,
Like a judge from his lectern,
Bulldog, don't you ever be friends
With that Pussycat from now on.

Her master was no less stern,
He declared with a big sway,
If you ever go next door,
Pussycat,I'll send you off far away.

We defied our masters,
But with no disrespect meant
With deliberate discretions,
Cause they're still gents

So, in July last year,
She summoned her courage
She hopped and she jumped
And appeared on my window ledge

We played and we laughed
And we danced until we were tired
Then we lay down and snuggled
And whispered sweet nothings until we both slumbered

Serene in her sleep
She lay next to me
Oblivious of my tender gaze
Upon her blissful face

I tenderly cupped her chin with my paw
Slowly, but surely, her eyes opened
And when she looked into my eyes
I knew at that moment I was in love

This is the story of our romance
And the story of the beginning of our true love
Our romance, the celebration of our love
Our love, the foundation of our romance


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