Suffused with Love

>> Tuesday, July 29, 2008

By Ajay Pradhan | July 29, 2008

As mist lifts
figures of speech glow,
drawing attention
to a mind in turmoil,
and making it obvious
the meaning behind.
Observer asks,
halcyon a charade?
King a drama?
A part of him
already dead;
he has no strength
to stage a drama
or a charade;
halcyon, king
any name you give him,
he waits, with hope
for the return of
his crested soulmate,
in whose eyes
he finds his world;
and whose absence
has made him pensive,
has made him feel
a deep sense of loss,
and deeper sense of sorrow.
But, he's there
with hope intact,
his heart suffused
with nothing but love.


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