A Small Step

>> Friday, March 27, 2009

By Ajay Pradhan | March 27, 2009

She walks across
a busy street
crowded with pigeons
not knowing
that a pair of protective eyes
watching her
intent to sweep her up,
lift up,
fly her to a place
set on cloud.
Is he her god of salvation?
Or her god from heaven?
Once across the street
she turns around
with a smile
on her face
she raises her hand
to the man looking
down upon her.
It isn't her god
of salvation,
nor is he
her god from heaven.
For her, it is
more than any god,
it is her father who
lets her cross
the street
for the first time,
under his watchful eyes,
with a sense of pride
in his heart,
that he just let his little girl
take a small step to
the paths of her life.


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