>> Monday, July 13, 2015

A. S. Pradhan | July 13, 2015

The SkyTrain is
less of a transit mode
than a miniature world,
full of surprises. The daily
commute opens up a new
vista; rarely do I see
the same face. This
pretty woman, a stranger,
seated across the aisle,
keeps staring at me
through her 
stylish sunglasses,
with a disarming smile,
her face bright and smooth
as porcelain,
like a white rose 
in a thorny bush.
Feeling awkward, but
being the polite man that I am,
I smile back,
looking right into her eyes.
When the train approaches
the next stop, she gets up
from her seat,
still staring at me
with charming smile.
Wondering if we have
met before, if I know
her from somewhere,
I get up, too, without
realizing why I even got up.
She then gathers her bag
and, to my surprise, 
unfolds a cane.
Then I realize why she
is staring at me as I see
her guide dog, ready
to lead her out
safely into the world.
I sit back, feeling
blindingly stupid.


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