Memories Forever to Hold

>> Friday, June 12, 2015

Note: Written in memory of my father for Father's Day, June 21, 2015.

Ajay Pradhan | June 12, 2015

When I look at the morning Sun
And go for walks, with so much fun
Or stand in the shadows of tall fir trees
Enjoying the vista and the fresh cool breeze
I miss the sweet home my father built
And I miss the wise words he spoke with lilt

When in summers I go to beach
And watch the gulls that swoop to reach
For a fish in waters from a school
As I stand with my feet in a sandy pool 
I miss the fishing trips my father took me on
And remember hauling in bagful of prawn

When in late summer I bide my time
And sing a song without trying to rhyme
And when I look at the clear blue sky
And see the hawks and eagles fly
I miss the festive season of Dashain
My father teaching me kite-flying

When by SkyTrain I commute to work
Sometimes I see an officer, sometimes a clerk
And when I see the world go by
Beautiful sights that please the eye
I miss the train ride my father took me on
To my village of Chandranagar on winter vacation 

When I go for a hike to the distant hill
And sometimes see a churning water mill
And when I tread down a solitary trail
Enjoying the pine trees and their spicy smell
I miss the exciting stories my father told
These are loving memories forever to hold 


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