Revolution or Nightmare?

>> Wednesday, June 17, 2015

A. S. Pradhan | June 17, 2015

At a time of turmoil,
violent demonstrating crowd
in the street outside
In a pitch dark night.
Unrelenting crowd against
unrelenting ruler.

The husband, the wife
and their baby girl
in the ground-floor room,
scared for safety. 

Their own breathing
seemed amplified
through megaphone.
The room,
separate from the main house,
that fronted the open yard
of the residential compound
with walls,
but missing gate.
It was a small world
of the young couple
And their little baby.
His world. Almost violated.

Gunshots pierce
the night air,
dispersing the mass
of demonstrators.

A strident crowd
break from the mass
and entered the compound,
shouting, screaming,
then kicking at the door.
Chest thumping,
heart pounding.

Were they seeking
safe shelter?
Or were they
looking to kill?
Who knew!
The man,
scared to death,
had one mission:
To save his young family.
To save his world.

Fearing the door
would be broken in,
He pushed the sofa against it
Shutting the revolting crowd
Out of his small world.
It seemed like an eon
When finally the crowd left
Leaving the small world
The young family called home.

They said, it was revolution
For the young family
It was
a fearful nightmare.
Lasting, etched in mind.

Note: Based on real events of 1991 People's Movement in Kathmandu.


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