The Luminous Lace

>> Wednesday, June 17, 2015

A. S. Pradhan | June 17, 2015

The moon comes up after the sun goes down.
Waits for her turn every night.
Knows and accepts her rightful time,
with a face that’s cheerful and bright.
The poor moon has no other choice, right?

She lays no claim for any other right.
No complaint about why the bright day isn’t hers,
as it is for all others.
Or, she’s not allowed to emerge and play and splurge
in the bright sunshine. She doesn’t whine
nor complain, nor ever shows any pain.
The moon isn’t poor; she’s patient and more.

Happily, the moon makes the most of what she gets:
The nightly black velvet. So delicate.
With love and care, and diligence that’s rare
she does covet and decorate,
with luminous lace, and half hidden face,
that enchants with awe, as if by law
the children of earth who’ve taken birth.
She teases and pleases, the pain that she eases.
The moon isn’t poor; she’s ingenious and a doer.

Whether its April, May or June,
the moon makes the Sun take his own turn,
and that she’s wise, not letting him rise up in the skies
until it’s time for the moon sublime
to take her rest and go to her nest.
The moon isn’t poor; she’s got many a lesson and lore.

The full moon, the half moon, the crescent moon.
And when it’s time for renewal, the new moon.
But never a tired moon, nor ever a whining moon.
So, why do we, the other children of earth, celebrate the birth
of our own device when it’s only nice,
but when it’s tough and the going is rough
do we so complain and the injustice we feign
if we’re behind in line? For moon, it’s just fine.
The moon isn’t poor; she’s got lessons in store.

Criticize you must when there’s no basis for trust.
But when it’s not your turn, patience you can’t burn,
Learn from the moon, you’ll get your turn soon
If you go with your pace, to take your own place
With dignity and grace.
If only the gift that you embrace
Adorn with own luminous lace.
You’re not poor; ‘cause you’ve learned the moon’s lore.

This is a free-verse with unmetered structure. The moon is a metaphor for the children of earth, that is, we, men, women and children. The message it carries is one of patience, dignity, and ingeniousness--virtues that we often forget when we relate with each others.


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