The Meaning of Life

>> Sunday, June 7, 2015

Ajay Pradhan | June 7, 2015

You've toured the world
You've traveled far
You've done your
Whole nine yards
But, son, have you 
Seen your own backyard?

You've given it your go
You've learned to say your yes and no
You've savored the mirth and joy
And earned life's great glory
But, son, have you read
Your mother's own story?

You've earned a name
You've overcome the bane
You've done your deed
To secure a lasting legacy
But, son, will that all mean much
To those who are saddled with penury? 

You've scaled the height
You've got success on your side
You've made the mark of your life
For the world to admire
But, son, when you're all alone
Do you think about the meaning of life?


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