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>> Sunday, June 28, 2015

Ajay Pradhan | June 28, 2015

From the giddy height
Of the mountain top
You look at the town
Far below down.

With no trace of grace
On your vein face
That's full of smug frown
You look around.

You think of human race
Far behind your pace
That lives in that town
As merely clown.

And above them all
With a heart full of gall
You think you stand tall
And the rest can fall.

With a swooning head
And a swelling chest  
With sighted eyes
But like clouded skies.

With a murky mind
And thoughts too blind
What do you find
But perspective misaligned?

You think you bear
Power extraordinaire
Deem yourself of great renown
The one with the dazzling crown.

So you look below
And think as though
With a smirk on your lips
And a mind out of grips.

That all men below there
Are beneath you, for sure.
And  your ego bloats
And your mind gloats.

You think you're
Master of all
The rest of them
Just too small.

But, oh, omnipotent
You let your ego float
Wrap your mind under a coat
And forget to take an important note.

Those men down
Below in the town
When they look up
At the mountain top.

They don't see you at all
For them you're too small
They have a different perspective
Maybe your view is defective.


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