Ghost From the Last Century

>> Sunday, May 3, 2015

Ajay Pradhan | October 12, 2013

On the phone, she said, "I'll be there"

He replied, "Can't wait to see you"
Each excited, thinking of the other.
She arrived in a gleaming red sedan
He came by a rusty horse-driven cart
Her midriff-baring glittery Versace gown
Unmatched by his faded raw cottons
She walked by, her body undulating
The fragrance of her Chanel Coco Noir
Leaving his senses intoxicated in its wake
Unnoticed, but unfazed, he followed her
Wondering if she didn't notice him
Or simply played a joke and ignored him.
As he approached her from behind
He saw the doorman usher her into a theater
By the door, he saw a sign that said
"By invitation only: Premier of a love story
Spanning two centuries, a young woman in love
With a ghost that belonged to the past--
The Ghost from the Last Century."
Alongside was a picture of none but
The woman in Versace looking into the eyes
Of a man, no one else but himself.
Perplexed, he turned around
And looked into the mirror on the wall.
He saw the reflection of the doorman
And of the woman in Versace;
But he saw no reflection of himself.

Oct. 12, 2013


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