The Deceiving Light

>> Sunday, May 3, 2015

In the cold darkness of the night, 
she wandered and got lost.
Flickering light from a distant lamp
beckoned her in the nightly gust. 
With hope, towards it she rushed,
flapping her lustrous, mottled wings;
only to meet with her lurking death
on the hot surface of the porch lamp.
In the end, it was light, not darkness,
that deceived the poor butterfly.


Inspiration to write this poem came when I was at a hotel in Winnipeg, Manitoba at a wintry night (Yeah, in winters, people call the city Winterpeg) in 2010. I was there for a training at the University of Manitoba. The city was covered with thick blanket of snow. I was done for the day and was back at my hotel. It was a little too early to go to bed. So, I stood by the window and took in the wintry view. I saw a lamp post, with moths hovering around the light, some of them falling dead apparently due to the hot light bulb.


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